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Whether it’s trying to make it as a professional athlete or growing a developing club, everything costs money. We understand that many clubs are ran by volunteers, and seeking out sponsors can be time consuming and hard work – this is where The Local Link comes in. Tell us what you want from a sponsor, and we’ll find one for you – allowing you to focus on the things that matter most to you.

What are the benefits of having a sponsor?

  • Financial support to cover running costs, or allow your club to grow

  • Funding for new kit and equipment

  • Sharing of expertise

  • Food/drink suppliers

  • Equipment suppliers

  • Benefits money can’t buy through forming a partnership with a local business

  • Build relationships with organisations whose aims and objectives match your own, supporting local businesses

  • Allow you to focus on the important stuff, not having to worry about the financial elements

How does it work?

We want to keep things simple: We’ve created a form for you to tell us about yourself and what you’re looking for from a sponsor. We’ll then do the work behind the scenes to match your needs. Once we’ve found a sponsor for you, we’ll make the introductions to formalise the partnership and you’re good to go!

To start the process please contact us below.

What are the costs?

We want to keep your costs to a minimum to enable you to maximise the benefits of sponsorship. A one off deposit payment of £50 is made to confirm your request, then upon successful completion of finding a sponsor a small commission fee is due which is agreed prior to finalising the request.

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